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Cannabis Activist NJWeedman Enter Crypto, Dropping NFT Collection On 4/20






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A cannabis activist, who goes by the name NJWeedman, is releasing his NJWeedman NFT collection during Miami Tech Month on the heels of the Miami NFT Week conference.

The Rarible NFT Marketplace will be releasing new art collections on 4/20 minted on Forchion.

Each collection is released separately as a cryptograph using Ethereum, making it easy for collectors to trade and share them.

NJWeedman NFT Collection

The NJWeedman NFT collection will consist of three categories: Support, Yacht, and Membership. Each NFT purchase will be designated accordingly.

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Starting on April 20th, to support Forchion’s streaming platform shows, a single “Support” NFT will be made available.

We will continue to sell the NFT for 4/20 with different projects announced by Forchion. The “Yacht” NFT grants you yearly access to his Cannabis Cruise Lines, which travel around the country and let’s you smoke weed on them.

The “Membership” NFT token can be used as payment for any event at the club and will serve as a form of membership.

“With my storefront, NJWeedman’s Joint in Trenton, now owned and operated by my daughters, and The Joint of Miami, the cannabis friendly art and music lounge, under the direction and ownership of my son and niece. I have more time on my hands to expand and pursue different interests. So, I’m making the leap into NFT’s as a viable means for fund raising. NFT art is all the rage right now and I’ve had several inquiries for NJWeedman NFT’s. Given my long-standing legacy, it seems like a great next adventure,” ~ Forchion

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