Bow Wow Plans To Drop His Last Album With Snoop Dogg’s Death Row Label






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Only recently, Bow Wow announced that he will be dropping his last album. This last album will be the end of his music career as he will be now moving on to other ventures.

On February 25th, he tweeted about his plans to launch his last album on label death row on a Q&A session on the social media platform. He also wrote about how, this gives his music career a perfect end, as he will end where he started. 

The death row label is currently bought by snoop dog. Snoop Dogg is the one who discovered and launched bow wow in the late 1990s. Snoop Dogg is also the one who gave the moniker of Lil Bow Wow to the rapper. It is no doubt, that bow wow has immense respect for the veteran rapper and thus is more than happy to end his music career with the label under his mentor. In the twitter session, he also mentioned, that he recently had talks with Snoop Dogg and that currently working out the details of the album.

Before this, bow wow never worked with Death Row. But in the past, his first appearance on Snoop Dogg song doggy style was under death row. That is how his first work, and his last work will end up being with the same label. 

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However, his last album and his career coming to a perfect circle is not the only thing that is making fans happy. Another reason is the NFT craze that will follow. He mentioned that he wants to release artists and albums on the metaverse. 

This will actually bring in a big change in the music industry. Not only will death row becomes one of the major independent labels in the market. If death row starts using metaverse, it will become one of the first labels to use the digital world, NFT, and crypto as their features and attributes. 

Bow Wow is a 34-year-old American rapper who in the music business since 1993. In the late 1990s, he was founded by Snoop Dogg which led to his first big break in Snoop Dog’s release Doggystyle. During this time he was signed by the label So So Def after being introduced to Jermaine Dupri by Snoop Dog. He has released several albums during his career like doggy bag, wanted, the price of fame, etc. Along with a music career, he also has been cast in many movies and shows like ugly betty, allegiance, scary movie 5, F9, and upcoming installments of fast and furious.

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