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A Brazilian Rapper, Pedro Breaks Seedify Record With His Song On NFT






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Pedro achieved this feat by making a song in collaboration with Mouse Haunt recently.

It is quite evident that the tech NFT is gaining immense popularity in varied categories. Developers are using blockchain and NFT extensively wherever they can because they feel that the metaverse is the future. As of now, game enthusiasts are stealing the show with fabulous NFT gaming options. Players will be able to experience virtual reality with blockchain and Web3.

This tech has stirred millions and billions of people across the globe. While some are creating DAOs for raising funds, others are promoting entertainment innovatively. The merging of two varying categories in the blockchain is also taking place in many places. Games and music are probably one such strongly growing collaboration lately.

Pedro Breaks Seedify Record With His Song On NFT

Records are breaking every new day, and one of them is about a song on NFT. A Brazilian rapper, namely Pedro Qualy came out with a song having Non-Fungible Token as its theme. This is just half part of the news, and the other half is even more thrilling. Pedro is one of the members of the popular group Haikaiss and broke the existing record of Seedify with his release just a while ago.

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It is imperative to acknowledge that Pedro has also attained a collaboration with the famous play-to-earn game namely Mouse Haunt. And, now the world knows that Pedro’s NFT song has broken Seedify’s record in its IDO.

Talking about the contents of this record-breaking song, it is an audio-video creation that portrays the unique gameplay, its crescendos, and other wowing scenes. Even the music of this remarkable song is tuned with the help of elements that are present originally in the music of the game itself.

Reports and interviews also reveal that the lyrics of this NFT song are written by Pedro Qualy and the CEO of Mouse Haunt, Pedro D’Andrea. People got to see and listen to this piece of marvel on February 25th during their Minting Event. The same is now available publicly at link. Qualy is not just a zealous rapper but also a regular streamer of play-to-earn games on the global platform Twitch.

Even the developing team of Mouse Haunt was generous enough to make a Mouse Hero NFT for the rapper, Pedro Qualy. The character is said to have tattoos and features that describe the rapper in the best possible way. This might be the first-ever customization for an artist over the blockchain an NFT gaming platform. Pedro has indeed minted a lot of fame with this for himself.

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According to a plethora of reports and stats, play-to-earn games are marking a capital as high as $22 billion. The more fascinating point is that this enormous number owes ample thanks to global music and art creators. Such celebrities are playing an active role in the promotion of blockchain platforms by shopping for NFTs, partnering with blockchain games, and pulling off more creative ideas.

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