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1st Ever NFT Vending Machine By Neon Allowing Debit And Credit Cards On Wall Street






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The NFT industry is growing rapidly as many marketplaces and investors are looking towards a flourishing future of this unregulated market.

Recently, the NFT marketplace called Neon has launched the world’s very first NFT vending machine. The vending machine is just like the general snack vending machine that allows buyers to use their USD cards. This means one does not have to shell their cryptocurrency while buying these NFTs.

The location of this vending machine is also the talk of the town, as it is right next to Wall Street.

This vending machine of NFT is going to open up paths for trading NFT without much knowledge of cryptocurrency and wallets. Simply walk into the vending machine, use the USD card (debit or credit), buy NFT, and walk out. Also, this vending machine is open around the clock for everyone.

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After the payment is done, the buyer will get a unique code in a box, which is redeemable at the Neon online platform. This type of accessibility to the NFT market is applauded by many investors, collectors, and enthusiasts in the city.

Co-founder and CMO of Neon, Jordan birnholtz, stated that this vending machine is created to help everyone assess NFTs without any restrictions. He also stated how this will help the artists, as they can sell their art to anybody with a USD debit or credit card. One will not have to understand the complexities of the blockchain, buy Ethereum and sign smart contracts to trade NFT.

USD cards are used by 80-85 percent of the population of the USA, and only a mere 8 percent of the population has access to crypto wallets. Selling NFT to only those with cryptocurrency holdings had restricted the market big time. Neon wants to open the gates and wants more people to reach out and trade NFTs. That is why they have opened this vending machine that accepts USD instead of crypto tokens.

With the launch of vending machine, Jordan has also asked the creators to join neon and sell their art on a green and energy-efficient platform with larger access. He promised that selling digital forms of art will become much easier than physical art in upcoming years.

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Neon is a place where one can buy and sell NFT. Along with the marketplace they also have an NFT gallery. This entire venture is built upon the Solana blockchain. Solana blockchain is a fast, proof of stake technology that is carbon neutral with high energy efficiency. The fees of the platform are low, and it can support a large number of transactions in a second. Also, the Neon support team is working around the clock to maintain the system and meet the network demand in real-time.

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