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What is DAO-Decentralized Autonomous Organization & how it work?
What is DAO-Decentralized Autonomous Organization & how it work?

The face of the world is changing with emerging technologies and investment options. DAO is one such pick that any crypto lover will choose for the best. If you are into a self-governing community comprising of decentralization of power and money, DAO is the best pick. It is best to go for a business idea with investment options without having secret space. DAO comes with transparency and options to pick for the best development of your plans, ideas, and knowledge. Once you get to know it, it is all you need for the best acquisition!

What is DAO?

DAO also stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. These are organizations that you can describe as big bank accounts. It does not have a single power but comes with shared holders. It does not belong to an individual or has a governing body. As it comes with a base of cryptocurrency, it is an organization spread over different nodes, networks, and computers on different levels.

It is an entity that finds its way on the internet on the blockchain without any physical existence. It is a space where the investors add money to claim a part and become members. It is without a central authority and the organization in the hands of the community. DAO comes with a code of conduct and rules to make the community worthy. 

DAO comes in a wide range of varieties. It can include clubbing for a social event, charity, entertainment, venture, and more. You need to pick the category you wish to be in and contribute as a whole. Working together with dedication and transparency, DAO is the place where you can raise funds in an all-equal environment.

Benefits of DAO

DAO comes with a base of values that you can never imagine. If you plan to join a DAO community, you are sure to get the organization’s perks. Here are the base pillars of DAO that make the best and are its advantages:

  • Community-based

DAO does not have a central authority to govern the needs and make decisions. It works based on community members who share the bank accounts and power to make a thing work as a whole.

  • Decentralization

It works by decentralizing the power and possessions amongst the people. It holds the principle of division yet holds them together. The higher the number of tokens you have, the higher is your weight in the DAO.

  • Transparent

DAO comes with a 100 percent guarantee of transparency. It comes with a smart contract with the organization’s rules, working, and more. It comes with a community page where the votes and decisions come up to keep up with the function.

  • Automatic

The entire DAO organization is autonomous. It works with the help of smart contracts and hardly needs any human effort. With the rules, smart contracts can make the decisions. It is always in the best interest of the organization.

DAO – The types!

The DAO community comes in a variety. It allows you to pick your group as per your needs and goals. Once you know the group you want to be with, the journey becomes smooth and comes with a focus. The following are the types of DAO you must know:

  • AMM DAO: The Automated Market maker, also called the Maker DAO. It is the organization that extends decentralized financial assistance to the users. It is the first successful DAO that runs on ETH.
  • GRANT DAO: It is the organization that raises funds for different needs of the world. It is the DAO that includes votings for various fundraisers. It is to learn which one deserves the most support as a whole. 
  • SOCIAL DAO: The social community of DAO is as per the social groups present in the society. Different backgrounds, including artists, collaborators, thinkers, etc., make various organizations, and incentives come to them accordingly.
  • COLLECTOR DAO: It is a group of communities passionate about a specific and invest. You can join the art collectors to fund if you are someone into art. Further, you can walk with them to buy an extravagant piece of art.
  • VENTURE DAO: It is also the investment DAO, as it allows an individual to raise from scratch. It offers an individual to set foot in the market and helps to begin with a venture. They come with the benefit of transparency and inclusiveness.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA DAO: The current world is all about socializing and coming together. The social media DAO calls for entertainment, connection, and more. It also ensures the security of data from thefts and duplication.
  • MEDIA DAO: The media DAO unlike the media, centralizes the content, structure, and other essentials to the community. It also pays the creator and the helper in the tokens that belong to their core organization.

How to join a DAO?

Joining any DAO is easy if you know the right way of approach. The following are the steps that you need to fulfill if you wish to join any DAO and become a part of this next big crypto community:

  • Find the DAO community you want to be in and ensure that the community provider is authentic. 
  • Go through the charter that talks about the founding and the initial document of the DAO.
  • Join the community. In the main, introduce yourself and explore the space and other people. 
  • Think about a worthy suggestion for the community and bring it to the people for the best. 
  • Place your proposal in the Community Forum and spread the word about it in the right discord group. 
  • Make a formal submission. Further, go for buying the community tokens and then buy ETH.
  • Place the ETH in the Web3 wallet and navigate and connect to exchange ETH for community tokens.
  • Make any amendments that the submission needs. Further plan to talk it in the group for the best and wait for the votes.
  • Once done, continue to bring up new proposals for the best community you choose in DAO.

DAO – The tips!

Every community comes with an extra lead that helps save and manage the best in hand. If you plan to join a community, you must know the professional tips that save your time, money, and effort. The following are the must-know tips for anyone willing to join DAO:

Look for the best tribe!

DAO comes with a handful of communities and groups that work towards a similar cause. Before you draft out plans and proposals for the community, ensure that it is what you wish to be. Look into authentic spaces, including DAOlist, deepDAO, and more, to have the best community options in hand.

Explore the documents

Once you have the charter document in hand, ensure to read it whole. It is an insight into the world of the DAO community. It comprises the working and structure of the organization. It tells you about the principles of the space, your responsibilities, the rules of the community, and much more. It also talks about the submission, voting, and drafting patterns.

Beginning and introduction

Once you are sure about the community, do not think twice. Dive into the community, and introduce yourself in the Discord or Telegram group. Your introduction is the basis of your character in the group. Ensure to have a strong introduction that matters. It is your introduction that will assure a few of your ideas. 

Be active

The community of the DAO works by the people who take part in the space. Hence, you must be active in the activities. Give your proposals. Ensure to communicate well with the other community members for the best. It will help your face find recognition and be in touch with the members who matter. 

Multiple attempts

The world of DAO does not end after a single proposal from your end. It requires perseverance and patience. You will have to make multiple drafting attempts to find recognition and win the maximum votes. All you need is to be persistent and work toward the community’s benefit and for its people. 


DAO is as risky as beneficial. You do have the risk of losing the money you invest. Hence, anything you do must come with an insight for the best. Do not spend lavishly. Save money throughout the process and pool your money with your brains. It will lead you to knowledgeable and worthy investments. 

DAO is the organization and the space that the people who make it run and maintain. It comes with the potential to turn into the best and bring potential risks. The need for DAO does stop with a single motive or requirement. It comes with the rationale to transform society and bring the people with the same interest together. Anyone who gets into the investment procedure is already a part of DAO. Although, if you are new to the concept, having a bit of knowledge about it will help you pick the best community to join. DAO comes in a handful of varieties. Choosing the best will lead to the fulfillment of what you need!


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