NFTs by Brands like Nike, Adidas, Ferrari, H&M, McDonald, Samsung


There are many brands are investing in NFTs to sell their products.  Have a look at some famous names that are doing whatever they can to leverage the power of NFTs:


The popular clothes brand is looking to open its virtual store in the metaverse and also looking to authenticate the virtual products via NFTs.


Have you heard about McRib? It is a tasty burger, which you can also buy virtually. But as McDonald’s has released only 10 McRib NFTS, you will have to break the bank to buy one.


Popular for its mouth-watering tacos, Taco Bell, has already auctioned 25 NFT GIFs. It is driving the interest of its customers and spreading awareness.

Taco Bell

The famous cold drink brand has already sold 4 NFTs, and it's on its way to building anticipation in the market.

Coca Cola

Nike has recently purchased a virtual shoe company that manufactures sneakers for the metaverse.


Adidas is combing both its metaverse products and physical items as part of its NFT initiative.


Ferrari and the Swiss Blockchain Startup Velas announce a joint venture to create an non-financial transfer protocol around sports memorabilia.


Samsung Introducing NFT Support to Latest TV Lineup


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