Samsung Planning to Introduce NFT Support to Latest TV Lineup

What does it mean for the NFT creators?

Samsung's recent announcement about implementing Blockchain-based tokens (NFTs) as a new form of payment for their upcoming TV production is groundbreaking.

This promises to be the latest and greatest technology in NFT payments and will initially be implemented on Samsung's 2022 lineup of TVs.

The NFT Virtual Gallery features an integrated digital art community that makes it easy for you to find, buy, and show off your favorite artwork on MICRO LED, Neo QLED and The Frame.

The NFT platform will give creators a way to share their work with the world and let potential buyers preview an NFT before purchasing it and learn about the history of the item

The company plans to release additional information about the NFT platform in the future. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets that have existed for years.

The last few months, however, have seen them surge in popularity thanks to the explosion of crypto-collectibles and other types of blockchain-based art.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) allow the ownership of digital items to be transferred in cryptocurrencies. The Blockchain is used to keep track of who owns each object.

These NFT can contain any digital media, including drawings, artwork, tweets, animated GIFs, songs or video games.