Michael Jordan and his son Jeffrey have launched their company Heir Inc.

A company that plans to connect athletes and fans.

HEIR is on a mission to create an impactful new era of digital culture.

Michael Jordan and his son have found a way to increase their presence in the $2.3 trillion cryptocurrency market.

The platform is being backed by Thrive Capital and the goal is to create a secure peer-to-peer marketplace with the HEIR platform.

It includes retail trading app Robinhood, Instagram, and work messaging service Slack.

Michael Jordan, who has been playing in the NBA for 15 years and is the owner of the Charlotte Hornets, already has a stake in cryptocurrency that’s on fire.

Currently, HEIR is just in invite-only mode, with the site signing up athletes and supporters as it builds out the product.

Once it’s ready to release, it will connect athletes & supporters through Huddles, which provides membership-based access to digital assets and exclusive content.

It seems as though the NFT craze has also hit the basketball world. If you look closely, NBA players are also doing NFT-related things like Stephen Curry who bought an art piece at $180,000.

Blockchain is becoming a thing and sports are no exception. It’s now easier than ever to purchase digital NFTs and famous brands like Nike & Adidas are in on the trend.