Michael Jordan, Basketball and NBA legend, is joining the NFT industry Are you excited to buy the NFTs?

Basketball Network, an NBA Champion six times Michael Jordan in the course of their career, has created a new company called Heir Inc.

In collaboration with his son, Jeffrey Jordan, Daniel George, and Jeron Smith, Heir was created to “usher in a new era of digital culture.” 

The Heir is focused on creating digital experiences that are changing the way society does business.

 One of the ways they plan to do this is by using a membership-based platform that relies on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as its foundation.

Fans and athletes will now have an even closer connection thanks to “Huddles.” This website says their experience will be supported by blockchain technology, NFTs, & exclusive drops.

The sports media were speculating about how MJ’s brand would benefit from the launch of an NFTs-based platform.

The company started off by launching its first product. Their product is the Web3 personalized community platform for athletes and they got quite a bit of interest.

Heir’s VP of operations, Briana Richardson, has been at the forefront of social media management since her time with Robinhood and is currently a consultant at Bain.

Heir plans to generate revenue by selling memberships in athlete “huddles.” With this form of sales, athletes receive an 80% share of the overall primary sales, and Heir Inc.

Blockchain is becoming a thing and sports are no exception. It’s now easier than ever to purchase digital NFTs and famous brands like Nike & Adidas are in on the trend.