Meta to introduce option for creating and selling NFTs

Recent reports show that Meta is launching a new digital marketplace where users can buy and sell fidget spinners, art, and other types of digital asset.

In a recent Financial Times article, Facebook and Instagram, the two social media platforms of Meta, were working on features that would allow users to display NFTs.

There are rumors that the two companies are working on a prototype feature which will enable users to create or mint new collectible tokens, according to people familiar with the matter.

Twitter seems to have taken the lead in the race and release a feature to uniquely display NFTs in a Hexagon.

The Financial Times are reporting that Meta are considering launching a marketplace, where users could buy and sell NFTs. 

Currently these features are in development and it may change in future, the report sayd.

The discussion about this project has been followed closely in the so-called NFT world. It aims to be the first company in this space to focus on capitalizing on it worth $40 billion.

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