Twitter introduced NFT profiles shapes as Hexagon to attract subscription users

Twitter has recently announced that its app will now allow users to connect non-fungible tokens, making this feature a reality for any iOS device users

This has been introduced as a paid feature and users can buy the  $2.99 Twitter Blue subscription on iOS devices.

According to Twitter, this step will differentiate the regular ridiculous profile images of cartoon apes from a real NFT assets.

These profile can be distinguish by a soft hexagon which will be added around a verified NFT profile picture.

Twitter will add support for couple of crypto wallets to connect with the profile to very their tokens and NFTs.

However, Adam Hollander pointed out in his tweet that Twitter still has no mechanism to identify the true owner of the NFTs.

In response head of Twitter consumer product marketing Justin Taylor says, this is done on purpose and they have decided not to limit this feature to just verified collections.

However, anyone can get the details of NFTs owner by clicking the Hexagon profile icon and selecting View NFT details. it will show the NFT Owner, description, collection properties and more.

This could be a big strategic move for Twitter but people are not happy with this move. Elon Musk tweeted  "This is annoying"

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