Justin Bieber buys BAYC NFT for $13 Million

Bored Ape Yacht Club just announced an exciting partnership with superstar singer Justin Bieber.

He bought 500 ETH worth of BAYC tokens, which is over $1.3M at the exchange rate at the time of writing

The deal was concluded on the OpenSea marketplace. BAYC 3001 has taken control of the JustinBieberNFTS account, which is rumored to belong to the Canadian singer.

According to his Twitter profile, he has 750 NFTs in his wallet, including 'inBetweeners 3777', one of which is pictured.

Apparently the most rare of attributes is that this token is found in only 3.3% of Rarity.Tools tokens and has "sad" eyes, which are only present in just over 5%.

OpenSea values each BAYC token at 106.9 ETH, which is $277,940. Justin Bieber paid a staggering amount for a single token within the collection which has now become the seventh-highest paid amount.

Earlier, some tokens collected by the BAYC were purchased by American rapper Eminem. He paid 123.45 ETH (around $450,000 at the exchange rate at that time) for the token

Earlier Adidas also sold some assets to collect about $23.5 million in December of 2021 by partnering with BAYC, GMoney and PunksComic.


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