Apple may not join the Metaverse Hype

Apple doesn't seem interested in the most trending concept at the moment. Even if you have an idea of the metaverse, you're probably not alone.

It looks like Apple CEO Tim Cook has no intention of following Facebook and preferring self-serving missives.

Apple is staying focused on how to make the world a better place, & not on some hazy target of a future where the rise of VR, ARy, & MR technologies, the physical & digital worlds are merging.

Apple is reportedly releasing an AR/VR headset that can also play video games. This device is supposed to allow users to return to the "real" world after they play a game or watch a movie.

As Bloomberg expert Mark Gurman has said, “Apple’s next AR headgear will concentrate more on shorter sessions rather than long periods of use.”

“If their plans are to leave the real world behind for a digital Oasis then they will have to improve their strategy.” ~ Mark Gurman

In his Power On newsletter, Gurman stated, “Here’s one term I’d be startled to hear on stage when Apple debuts their headset: metaverse.”

“I’ve been told that the idea of an entirely virtual world where people may escape to — like Meta Platforms/vision Facebook’s of the future — is off-limits from Apple.” ~ Mark Gurman

The company recently confirmed plans to enter the VR/AR headset market and much of the information is currently unknown.

This latest product launch is not being accompanied by a “metaverse” discussion for good news, so iPhone users can all exhale.

At the same time, Apple is developing its own set of augmented reality spectacles.

These glasses would hypothetically be worn just as often as your reading glasses, the company is not totally opposed to having you strap a thing on your head all day.

The headset allows users to record memories while avoiding an invasive experience.

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