Adidas launching NFT collection with exclusive streetwear drops

The first drop of the collection will be available for purchase on the Adidas app and in select retail locations.

In order to launch its new NFT collection, Adidas will give fans access at a special price of $10.

The limited-edition items created from rare materials such as denim, polyester, and leather will be available for 24 hours and then sold for what it would have cost originally on the app or in-store.

On Friday, Adidas will launch a new line of NFTs called Into the Metaverse. This line is aimed primarily at sports fans and allows access to an exclusive fan club.

Adidas wants to offer exclusive drops to NFT holders ranging from unique merch to experiences that will be created just for the NFT community.

Adidas plans to release the NFTs for their December 17th launch through Adidas’s website.

Customers will get to buy Adidas products online and in stores, including a “digital and physical” tracksuit worn by Indigo. They can also buy other products like a hoodie with a blockchain address on it and an orange beanie.

Adidas appears to be taking an innovative approach, trying something that no one really ever experimented with before. It’s great to see them do this!