Snoop Dogg Is Taking The Clever Investment Route With Crypto And NFT Market






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Snoop Dogg has always been one of the celebrities out there, who is ready to take up new projects and ideas. He adopts and adapts to the market and the new happenings way before anybody else can. He always knew which horse to back and invest in. he always turned to those ideas which had a great future in front of them and allowed him to rake in some great profits.

He used his impeccable skill of finding the right thing to back and invest in different projects till.

One of the latest industries that the veteran rapper is showing interest in is; NFT.

He has turned his label death row into an NFT based label. In 2021, he sold unique collectibles called “journey of the Dogg” on the NFT marketplace. He also collaborated with an NFT collector who goes by the name Cozomo De’ Medici.

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He then in late 2021, worked with Metaverse and The Sandbox to create his own world, The Snoopverse. To date there are around 1000 members of this world, and the membership sale has collected $1.7 million.

Then in February 2022, he launched 10,000 Stash Box NFT to promote his new album B.O.D.R. To date, the NFT collectibles have collected a whopping $44 million from sales.

After this, Snoop Dogg again released 10,000 NFT called The Doggies through The Sandbox.

Snoop Dogg Investing in Reddit

In 2014, Reddit was started. This blogging and forum platform currently is valued at $10 billion. But when it started, the investment raked in around $500 million and in that Snoop Dogg invested around %50 million.

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This was a great investment, as over time this particular forum platform gained some immense popularity with millions of users across the globe.

Snoopify for Instagram posts

He created this application Snoopify right around the same time when Instagram was seeing a rise. In 2013, when Facebook took up Instagram and the number of users was increasing every day. He launched an app to create stickers that were Snoop Dogg based. One could add those stickers to their pictures and post them on their Instagram account.

He knew people loved adding fun things to their pictures, and therefore, many said that the time of launching the app was perfect.

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Cannabis market

He started his venture capital company, Casa Verde 2016 that invested in companies that made cannabis-related products. Later within one year, California legalized recreational cannabis, this company ended up investing in several popular cannabis products.

Casa Verde made some major investments and got some big returns of around $45 million and $100 million from their first and second investments.

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