What is Yung Ape Squad Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)?

Yung Ape Squad is an unique collection of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) aesthetically curated to create an emotional bond with its exclusive owner.

Yung Ape Squad collection holds 6969 unique items. All designs are created with extra care and have been revised multiple times.

The max supply of Yung Ape Squad NFT collection  is 6969 Yung Apes. Out of 6969 Yung Apes NFTs, first 696 Yung Apes are reserved for whitelisted people.

The mint price of Yung Ape Squad NFT  is 0.042 ETH, additionally gas price needs to be paid per NFT.

Only way to get in the presale was to hold a Squid Ape before the snapshot. Snapshot of all owners and the token ids they hold has been taken.

Users will be able to claim the corresponding id Yung Ape by only paying gas. Users don't need to rush since the id is reserved for them and they can claim it any time.

Yung Ape Squad will be governed by the community. Yung Ape DAO will be deployed on the mainnet with a Gnosis Safe multisig to provide full transparency to the treasury of the DAO.

To further incentivize Yung Ape Squad community, a staking mechanism will be deployed that will yield rewards for those who chose to lock their Yung Apes.

The staking rewards will come in the form of $6969 tokens. 

Yung Apes game will also be launched. It will be an adventure through the Metaverse where the team will concentrate on player-world interactions.

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