Ukraine Launches NFT Museum of War  

With Ukraine still under attack from Russian forces, the Ministry of Digital Transformation today announced the launch of a museum that features only NFTs.

A museum is not a physical building and is instead a website where you can learn about recent happenings in the war between Russia & Ukraine, made with the ministry's support.  

The website also includes personal reflections from both Ukrainian & Russia.The images on our website are available for purchase.  

They're connected to non-fungible tokens created by the Fair NFT platform, which runs on the Ethereum blockchain and Polygon network.  

The Golden Gate Museum has a unique display of their most popular photos. The images are always wrapped with brown paper and cannot be seen before purchase.  

The first warline in the 'Warline' collection will cost 0.15 ETH (~$468) and will be available to you at the start of pre-sale.  

The artifacts in the 'Warline' series are being sold in chronological order of their depicted dates.  

Ukraine's Vice Prime Minister for Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov has expressed his support for the new platform and how it will be used to remember the war.  

This NFT sale will put money into the official crypto-banks of the Ministry of Digital Transformation, which are then distributed to military and civilian supplies to keep people happy.

All images are kept hidden until a customer purchases them, to ensure they know what they are buying. It's that simple - "you unveil the truth buying MetaHistory."

According to data from analytics website Merkle Science, $150 million in Bitcoin has been donated to Ukraine since hostilities began with Russia.