UFC joining NFTs space by partnering with Dapper Labs

It’s official that UFC is ready for NFT space.

On Thursday mixed martial arts (MMA) announced to partner with Dapper labs. Its the same company behind NBA Top Shot and NFL ALL DAY.

With this partnership, MMA fans will be able to buy UFC history “Moments“ which begins on Sunday. Initially, UFC plans to introduce 100,000 packs “NFT Moments“ with a title UFC Strike.

The momentum will continue with another set of 100,000 additional NFT pack, which will be made available on January 31st.

UFC SVP Tracey Bleczinski said, "Dapper Labs is an expert at creating new industries. UFC believes in Dapper labs visions and chose as partner for their first NFT"

A UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou will defend his title at UFC 270 in Anaheim, California – and the NFTs will be launched a day after.

Last year, Ngannou announced that he would be releasing his own NFT. Recently, he announced that he plans to receive half of his undisclosed pay for Saturday's fight in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Starting 2022, more and more celebrities and sports organization are jumping into NFT and Metaverse. 2 weeks back Australian open had announced their NFT ball collections.

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