Twitch co-founder launches Fractal, NFT marketplace for video games

Fractal is launched by Twitch co-founder Justin Kan along with Mike Angel, Robin Chain & David Wurtz.

Fractal is a online video gaming focused marketplace for Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Fractal will going to provide a primary and secondary marketplace for the utilities (as NFTS) used by players in online video games.

Game developers can mint and drop gaming NFTs for their customers, and players can sell NFTs to each other in the peer-to-peer marketplace.

Players can buy these non-fungible tokens from gaming partners directly and explore sales put up by other users.

These NFTs will include in-game weapons, characters, houses, cosmetics and other assets found in blockchain-based video games today.

The purpose of Fractal is to create a marketplace dedicated to gaming-related NFTs while focusing on transparency and security provided by the blockchain to authenticate unique digital items.

“NFT's are like the new Kickstarter. A lot of gaming companies are saying, ‘Hey, this is a great way to engage our audience and reward people who are early,” Kan told The Block.

“We have an audience of highly engaged gamers who want to play games and discover new NFTs for games, then we could be the place that makes sense to mint.” Kan told The Block.

Fractal will be using  the Solana blockchain for its low costs and high transaction speeds but intends to add multichain interoperability in the future.

Fractal is currently being self-funded by its founders but intends to start raising funds soon. Fractal marketplace will take 2% on all sales once the platform starts selling NFTs.

Fractal has partnered with Solana-based games Aurory, Genopets, Nyan Heroes and Solchicks.

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