Snoop Dogg NFT Plans benefits and risks

When Snoop Dogg announced the acquisition of Death Row Records last month, the excitement was palpable.

Hip-hop fans will be pleased to know that the legendary label is coming back and everyone is excited to see what develops.

We were disappointed to find that a lot of Death Row's albums have been removed from streaming platforms.

The first trial was Snoop Dogg’s 20th studio album, BODR (Bacc On Death Row). The LP came with a limited edition NFT version

which offered 3 exclusive bonus tracks and various other perks. Approximately 25,000 copies were sold during the initial release phase.

When Snoop's NFT offering was announced, the benefits became clear. The NFT sale reportedly generated over $45M within five days of the drop

which would be a great way to generate revenue for music album releases in coming months It seems that after the news of Death Row classics being taken off streaming services

Snoop Dogg has responded with a new NFT album. The Death Row Mixtape Vol. 1 is available now on all digital platforms and features unreleased Snoop Dogg material from the vaults at Death Row Studios.

1,000 copies of the album were quickly sold out within an hour. But you can still listen to some tracks on OpenSea. The platform provides a terrible user experience.