Shiba Inu To Launch 99,000 Digital Plots of Land in Its Shibaverse Metaverse

The world goes head over heels for the Web3 connecting people with modern &wholesome introductions.  Metaverse is a 3D world of AR/VR that involves people, blockchain, &social space for interaction.

An official teaser about a virtual world of Shiba Inu: Shibaverseis just for the people who believe in them. They plan to put forth 90,000 plots of digital land for the buyers.

Shiba Inu hasdividedthe entire release into two phases and are remarking only the Ether users to urge and make the buy.

The first purchase is for all the leash token holders. As soon as the announcements got around people, the buy of LEASH tokens jumped over to 100 percent.

The lands will be available only to the LEASH token holders for the initial ten days after the launch.  The more the token an individual carries, the more liable he is to buy a bigger plot of land.

In the 2nd phase the plots will be available to the public, and the Shiboshis NFT promises to bear and hold up to 2000 plots for the people.

Sticking onto reliables and uniformity, Shiba Inu issure to permit only the Ethereum holders to get land in the Shibaverse world.

Introducing the best for all the users and buyers, the Shiba Inu community is exclusive.  It is a community that strives hard for the people's interest and is growing as a whole!

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