Second Life founder Philip rejoins to create the Metaverse

Second Life sees more than 1.6 million transactions and 1.8 million messages take place every month.

The word 'metaverse' is only going to be used more and more and seems as if nobody knows or understands what it means.

Philip Rosedale is going back to Second Life as a strategic advisor. After leaving the company in 2013, he had founded High Fidelity, a virtual reality company.

Rosedale is an expert on virtual worlds, so he's very excited about how his experience with that will help him in this growing industry.

Facebook is now called Meta. Because of this, Second Life is planning to introduce new innovations in the field of technology that will enter into this virtual world in a very big way.

Rosedale's new virtual world is different from the ones created by Meta. He claims that Second Life was the first metaverse project and he is very confident in its differentiating features.

Rosedale argues that Second Life is an enriching and positive experience because it allows you to create an avatar and interact with virtual worlds.

“It is like a merger,” said Rosedale in an interview. “The majority of our people, some of our money, and patents related to the metaverse are moving over.”

“We are excited to have Philip advising us and continue to lead the metaverse conversation,” Linden Lab Executive Chairman Brad Oberwager said.

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