BollyCoin backed by Salman Khan going to launch Dabangg NFT collection

BollyCoin is trying to bring Bollywood onto Blockchain

BollyCoin today announced the launch of their first NFT collection for an Salman Khan Dabangg

BollyCoin was created to bring a large portion of all existing iconic Bollywood media onto the blockchain and allow community interests in such media through tokens.

Digital collectibles from the Bollywood Industry will be auctioned through our platform.

Providing an innovative way for Bollywood enthusiasts from around the world to own NFTs of their favourite Bollywood films and celebrities.

BollyCoin is partnering with the production houses like Salman Khan Films, Arbaaz Khan Production, Sohail Khan Productions, reel life production pvt. Ltd and many more.

BollyCoin NFTs, are tokenising Bollywood assets like posters, clips, teasers etc.

BollyCoin is an ERC-20 utility token.

The holders of BollyCoin can approve, propose or reject any proposal for implementation within the ecosystem.