Real-Life Panties can be exchanged for PussyDAO NFT

PussyDAO is the latest Web3 project that allows you to connect NFTs with things in the real world. It currently focuses on producing physical products like items of clothing.

One of the founders of this new startup is Izzy Howell - former Head of Growth at Cypher.

Now, she is releasing redemption NFTs which will allow users to purchase streetwear, underwear, and more!

'PussyDAO' is a Solana-based startup that combines the worlds of fashion & non-fungible tokens.

The project’s NFTs act as vouchers that can be redeemed for discounts towards our good

These Digital asset allows NFT holders to buy real-life items which includes streetwear & panties.

Izzy has left her previous position at Cypher to take on the daunting task of turning PussyDAO into a successful company.

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