Ranveer Singh cricket worldcup iconic movie '83' NFTs to  to be launched

Cricket worldcup based upcoming masterpiece ‘83’ digital collectibles (NFTs) will be launched next week.

NFTs are blockchain based tokens that can be used to represent ownership of unique items.NFT stands for non-fungible token

Using NFTs we can tokenise things like art, collectibles, even real estate.

Ranveer Singh is playing the lead role of legendary Kapil Dev in the movie. It is directed by Kabir Khan.

Bollywood Movie “83” producing team has partnered with NFT Labs, Inc., and Social Sway for the launch of the NFT collections on 23rd December on  nft.socialswag.com.

Movie ‘83’  digital collectibles will include physical as well as digital assets ranging from animated digital avatars, unseen posters, images, and video scenes, autographed cricket memorabilia.

It will be going to create a buzz both for cricket lovers, Bollywood fans, and technology enthusiasts.

These NFTS will be created on an Ethereum based scaling blockchain network Polygon formally known as MATIC.

To participate in the NFT release that goes live on Thursday, 23rd  December at 12 pm IST, users need to “whitelist” themselves by entering a valid email address at nft.socialswag.com.