PlayStation 5 Digital Edition for sale on Amazon from today onward

The new entry-level model is back in stock and it’s Amazon’s biggest restock to date

Orders for new consoles were sparse when the online retailer had them, availability was limited and the buying process was prone to error.

Amazon doesn't have a queue system like other stores, which means it's more likely to get crashed by bots. Amazon is releasing the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition today 03/30 at 11AM ET / 8AM PT.

It's likely that Amazon have ramped up production for the Kindle Edition of Game of Thrones and are not making any more after this run.

The PS5 Digital Edition is the cheaper model of Sony’s offerings but it retails at $399.99 on Amazon, the same price as the base console but without a disc drive.

The only trade-off is that it doesn’t play PS5 or PS4 physical titles, but it does play them digitally and will still support its upcoming subscription service.

Now that gamers have larger & larger games, the 825GB SSD may feel too small, with only 667GB of it accessible.

However, if you are a big into AAA games and don't want to shuffle games around, you can expand the storage by installing a compatible M.2 SSD (as long as it's PCIe Gen4 and has a heatsink).