Peeping Into The Exciting NFT Of Snoop Dogg Metaverse

The vibe of Snoop Dogg to its admirers is undoubtedly beyond any explanation. The rapper has announced a whopping 10,000 playable Sandbox avatars on the exciting NFT marketplace

There is no denying the fact that this character has a broad fan base, and its NFT avatar was bound to get such an impressive response.

Thus, no wonder the price of the Sandbox saw a huge leap of about 10% soon after the declaration of such a release.

Earlier, the rapper had stirred the thrill of all fans by dropping in an NFL Super Bowl Halftime show with renowned stars.

Besides this, Snoop Dogg had also posted about bringing his popular album Death Row to the innovative platform of NFT.

The highlight of this creation is that such an NFT would make it to the first-ever NFT music category.

And, now the craze is manifold because the release of Snoop Dogg’s avatar in Sandbox has invited enormous attention clubbed together.

It is not just the users who are filled with delight over this launch, but also the metaverse platform Sandbox itself.

Sandbox posted online, “The Doggies Avatar collection is one of the coolest collections to come to The Sandbox to date.”

The reason for such happiness for Sandbox is that its price climbed about 10 percent after receiving Snoop Dogg avatars; it is standing around $3.15 for now.