OpenSea NFT marketplace valued at $13.3 billion after $300 million funding round

The company just raised $300 million in funding, which values the company at $13.3 billion dollars. They were valued at just $1.5 billion only last time they raised funding, in July 2021.

Raised funds will be used to: accelerating product development, improving customer support and safety, investing in the wider Web 3.0 and NFT (non-fungible token) community, and growing their team.

Opensea now worth almost 2/3rds of what Warner Music Group worth. This is a promising sign for their ability to secure future partnerships with labels like Sony and Warner Bros.

OpenSea is a NFT maketplace platform on which users could create, buy and sell all sorts of nonfungible tokens (NFTs)

Smart contracts used to track ownership of unique digital assets like art and music on a ledger known as a blockchain.

OpenSea is founded in 2017, and have 70+ employees currently. OpenSea is a leader in the NFT and have 600K+ users registered with them.

There are more then 2M+ collections and 80M+ NFTs listed on the OpenSea marketplace. Opensea daily average volume is $10B+.

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