NFT Sales Shine With A New Record Of $7 Billion In January 2022

The slump in the crypto market could not bring down NFT sales, and the results were rather gladdening. Axie Infinity emerged to be the leading gainer.

When the crypto market recently disappointed the investors and other concerned people, NFT triggered a wave of joy.

The closing of January did not go well for crypto with an unexpected slump. However, the Non-fungible Token, aka NFT, did not just perform exceptionally well...

but also broke all the records of the estimates that were in line from the last year, 2021. The Block conducted research and found the NFT sales to be as grand as $7.3 billion. 

It will be pertinent to quote the name of the biggest catcher here. Axie Infinity which is an NFT-based video game developed by Sky Mavis, stole the show for itself.

According to info published by CryptoSlam, Axie Infinity has managed to make it to the top rank in NFT with $4 billion in sales.

This is a moment of sheer delight for the company because it is it’s own highest and the highest number of all times across the globe.

The most distinctive point in Axie’s business model is that its game developers do not take 100% of the proceeds as others do; a good percentage of 4.25 goes towards the $AXS token treasury per trade.