Nelson Mandela paintings - Grab them through NFTs now

The artworks are the insight into the brains of an artist. The shift in times brings a change in the auction and buying market. 

The art of the former President of South Africa will now be on the NFT market, all for sale.

It would be the first time a painting came out on an NFT market. It will come with six artworks with genuine work and the sign of the hero.

It is a watercolor painting coming with inspiration from when he was in jail. His daughter Makaziwe Mandela takes pride in the work of her dad. 

She explains it to be the torchbearer for all those fighting high with the extraordinary human spirit. 

She further says when her father acquired life imprisonment on Robben Island, he never imagined walking free after 18 years.

He dreams of the world outside and a healthy society when in the grey. He exhibits his visions through his paintings. 

Non-fungible tokens are the new way of buying and selling and are one of the best ways of asset management.

The works are now taking a different form and cryptocurrencies, and other technologies are taking the best way to revive an art like no other.