Microsoft’s Minecraft Is Stepping Into Web3 Through NFT Worlds

Minecraft gets a blockchain layer with the help of non-affiliated Microsoft developers.

Minecraft has been one of the most-loved games across the globe for more than a decade now.

While other games go out of style at some point, Minecraft has indeed set a benchmark for being a long-standing craze.

As if its thrilling features of mining and crafting were not enough to wow the millions of players, it announced getting a Web3.

It will be a fabulous revolution, especially for such a video game platform to get Web3 which is about World Wide Web based on blockchain tech.

Yes, it will mean a decentralized platform far away from the control of a single entity.

Internet money and users’ trust are also the fundamental elements of this module.

It is pertinent to thank the non-affiliated Microsoft developers for giving Minecraft this edge of Web3.

The cherry on the cake will be NFT Worlds’ enhancement to Minecraft for letting all players use the amazing Web3 features.

Shopping Minecraft materials online with the help of a $WRLD ERC-20 token is expected to be one of the highlights.

It will indeed be a moment of sheer thrill for Minecraft enthusiasts because the Metaverse experience will be just a step away from this development.

Polygon is also being reported to be a part of the whole procedure, which will bring relief as a way of lower gas, aka lesser fee on relatable transactions.