Microsoft's Plan for the Metaverse

Unlike Facebook, Microsoft finds metaverse most suitable for work. Due to Covid-19, we have already experienced a significant transformation in our work culture.

For better or worse, there has been a revolution in how office work is done. Microsoft estimates that the metaverse of work will become a $2 trillion market cap opportunity as we reach 2025.

As Microsoft already has access to and expertise in the best software and hardware, it is in a strong position to exploit the fantastic market opportunity presented by remote work.

Microsoft owner Bill Gates believes that online meetings will soon become a three-dimensional affair instead of the current two-dimensional camera image grids. 

Microsoft's Mesh and its Multiverse Vision

Microsoft Team is already a popular platform used by many companies. But recently, in Nov 2021, Microsoft came up with Mesh for MS Teams.

Mesh is a portal to the metaverse. Microsoft is planning to develop immersive spaces that will be present within teams and help people connect in ways that they have never connected before.

Just imagine chatting and collaborating with your teammates, sending them files, and participating in team meetings in almost life-like environments created by a blend of VR, AR, and MR.

Microsoft is banking on the fact that productivity in the metaverse-powered work environment will surpass productivity in physical spaces.

If that happens, no one will be able to stop Microsoft from overtaking Facebook and Google in the battle for gaining supremacy in the metaverse.

Microsoft Already has the hardware

Microsoft Mixed Reality Headset: Come with a camera and integrated motion tracking.

HoloLens: Available in the basic & industrial version. It can enhance the work output & accuracy of workers. 

HoloLens: It is ideal for field services, manufacturing shop floors, construction sites, remote work, teaching, sales, teaching, and a wide range of other domains.

The launch of Microsoft's hardware and their focus on office work gives them an edge over other players in the market. 

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