Microsoft to acquire Activision Blizzard for $70 billion

For months, under-fire Activision Blizzard was pushing investors to take the company off of their hands.

Microsoft is acquiring Activision in a deal of $68.7 billion. Activision's franchises are popular like "World of Warcraft," "Call of Duty" and "Candy Crush".

According to their press release, Microsoft will now be the third biggest company on the world when it comes to gaming revenue.

This would put Microsoft behind Tencent and Sony and make them a massive employer in the industry.

Microsoft recently announced that it would be including Activision Blizzard games in its Game Pass subscription service.

“Upon close, we will offer as many Activision Blizzard games as we can within Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, both new titles and games from Activision Blizzard’s incredible catalog,” Phil Spencer.

They already have nearly 400 million subscribers and the addition to the Games Pass will allow these users to play their games on Microsoft’s cloud.

“Gaming is the most dynamic and exciting category in entertainment across all platforms today and will play a key role in the development of metaverse platforms,” said Satya Nadella CEO Microsoft

As early as 2023, this acquisition of Activision Blizzard will closed. The boards of both Microsoft and Activision have approved the deal.

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