Metaverse and NFTs are losing people's interest

By CryptoGurukul

October  10, 2022

Most projects in the Metaverse attract a lot of attention early on. In the past, it has been a challenge to keep up this momentum.

NFT Worlds is a victim as its digital items sold over 94% cheaper than their all-time high.

DAppRadar, NFT Worlds has seen 235 users in the past month. That's a 28.57% decline compared to the previous months.

On the same track, transactions have decreased by 31.2% over the past 30 days, and it now has 306 transactions per day.

To succeed, Metaverse ventures need to attract and then retain users.

The current floor cost for NFT Worlds' assets is between 0.71 ETH and 0.85 ETH. These virtual floors used to cost around 12ETH a while back. 

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