Metamask Airdrop may happen soon - Stay tuned for the latest updates!

MetaMask has introduced it's own Swap and there are high expectations of getting an Airdrop.

MetaMask is a crypto wallet & gateway to blockchain apps.

MetaMask is a global community of developers and designers dedicated to making the world a better place with blockchain technology.

Metamask haveover 21 million users worldwide and recently records over $200 million in revenues.

Metamask is available as a browser extension and as a mobile app, MetaMask equips you with a key vault, secure login, token wallet, and token exchange.

“Andrew, ConsenSys has thousands of tokens on our balance sheet.  ConsenSys is vigorously controlled by its employees, which includes me. And we are driving towards decentralization of several of our projects.  Wen $MASK?  Stay tuned.  Wen objective journalism, ser?” ~ Joseph Lubin

MetaMask is planning to introduced its own token $MASK and there are rumour that making a swap using a MetaMask will make a user eligible for an airdrop in the coming future.

To become eligible for the possible Airdrop: 1. Download the Metamask wallet by visiting the offical website

2. Create your account after installing the wallet. 3. Make sure to take a bakup of your seed phrase.

4. Make a swap using your Metamask account on all supported chains. 5. If these rumors becomes true users who’ve made a swap on the platform may get an airdrop.