Lana Rhoades Rug Pulled Her Cryptosis NFT Project And Withdrew $1.5 Million From The Account

Recently, Lana Rhoades emptied the ETH wallet of 1.5 million dollars of her project Cryptosis. 

The wallet had $1.5 million worth of ETH from the buyers of the NFT tokens, and after withdrawing the ETH, she has allegedly abandoned the project.

However, as per some of the tweets by Rhoades that is not the case. She has not mentioned the project and has not scammed the buyers of her NFT. 

However, when the community space turned bitter and accusations started piling up, she deleted her Twitter account. 

Lana Rhoades launched an NFT marketplace project of her own. This NFT project was called CryptoSis and had around 6069 tokens of NFT that were all Lana Rhoades pictures in the cartoon version.

 In the beginning, she promised that buying the NFT tokens will be a highly lucrative deal for the community members

The value of the NFT tokens will increase over time, and one can earn some great profits in a long run.

But, right after making such big promises, she seemed to have withdrawn the money from the wallet, causing a lot of confusion in the community. 

A YouTuber recently stated that Rhoades has been associated with several NFT projects before like pawgcoin, stickdix, etc. And each one of them is known for their rug pulling news.

After, the YouTuber’s statements, Rhoades tried clarifying herself on Twitter and even said that YouTuber is lying for views.