Lamborghini Huracane Blown Up By Artist To Create 999 Pieces Of NFT For Auction

These days’ people are doing some obscure things to join the NFT market. Ever since the rise of NFT, many creators and artists have entered the scene of selling their art as NFT.

Only recently, an artist who goes by the name of SHL0MS blew up a Lamborghini for creating NFT tokens.

He blew up the Lamborghini Huracane and then collected 999 pieces of the car to be auctioned as non-fungible tokens.

In the past, artists have done some crazy things to gain attention and sell their art, but this is the first time someone is doing something like this to create NFT.

The artists bought the second-hand car from its owner. And then hire a team of explosive engineers and experts.

The experts helped him strap the explosive in a way that would help blow up the car properly, creating the pieces.

On February 2nd, he took the car to the dessert area, which was kept undisclosed. Then, he blew up the car and recorded the entire event in 4k quality.

Smaller high-quality clips are also recorded that captured 999 pieces of the car. These clips will be auditioned as NFT. 

The buyers will not get the car pieces, as they are dirty and oily. They will get to buy the digital asset of the small pieces of the car.