HUGO and Imaginary Ones a Web3 startup to Launch NFT

Luxury fashion brand Hugo has announced that it is partnering with Imaginary Ones, a Web3 company, to get started in the metaverse

This fashion giant is launching a large NFT collection of 1001 3D animations in November.

A collection called Embrace Your Emotions (EYE) will be featuring 1,001 3D animations and is set to launch in early November.

HUGO provides a safer, more controlled experience for users by allowing them to create an allowlist on the platform and register for NFTs before they're released.

For every 1000 available spots, 500 will be reserved for buyers who purchase an exclusive phygital T-shirt.

The buyers will have 500 limited-edition T-shirts to choose from. They can scan the QR code on the garment to access an AR action that turns their selfies into wearable art.

HUGO’s expansion into NFTs comes amid significant market changes in 2022, following exceptional growth in 2021

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