How to Transform a digital Asset into NFTs?

Converting digital assets into NFTs is done by the marketplace that you have chosen. It is a simple process

1. Select a marketplace and link it with your crypto wallet

2. Upload the digital asset in the NFT marketplace of your choosing

3. The marketplace will mint your uploaded asset into NFT.

4. The NFT will then be available to be purchased by another player.

5. You can choose to sell the NFT as a fixed-price or auction it.

6. Once the NFT is bought, it will be stored in the crypto wallet of the buyer, and the cryptocurrency will be saved in a secured manner in the wallet of the seller.

Pro Advice: Don't buy NFTs just because everyone is buying them. Only buy NFTs if you understand the goods being sold and use them.

Disclaimer: Cryptogurukul has no relationship to these projects, and there is no endorsement or investment advise. Please seek professional advice before taking financial risks.