Google Metaverse: Google's Plan for the Metaverse

Facebook has renamed its parent company as 'Meta'.

Unlike Facebook, Google's CEO Sundar Pichai has an entirely different take on metaverse.

Sunder believes in the metaverse, but according to him it is just an enhanced version of the existing Augmented Reality.

Sunder emphasizes the fact that the way we use computers will evolve over time. We will have computers but not in the shape and form we see today.

Google's plan for the future is more about ambient computing, immersive computing, and Augmented Reality.

Their approach is more towards enhancing the technologies in their current form and letting the technology adapt to human needs.

Their primary focus is still on 'Search,' but they are looking for ways to change how search is done and make the searching experience more convenient.

With Google Lens and Google Glass, the company has already given us tools to interact with our environment differently.

Google Lens is often used on smartphones to search about the viewed object, but its best implementation is via Google Glass.

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