Facebook Metaverse: Be the Maker of Your Own World

Facebook has renamed its parent company as 'Meta'.

The Meta platform has been promoted as a future that is created by everyone.

Meta means 'beyond' because the Meta platform is expected to go above and beyond how we connect with others, play games, and live our lives in general.

Mark Zuckerberg has put special emphasis on making Meta a collective project, in which just about anyone in the world can create for others.

According to Zuckerberg, you will be able to do almost everything in metaverse that you do in real life.

Meta is building a learning ecosystem by spending $150M.

The money will be used to train metaverse creators from the next generation to create immersive experiences.

Facebook's metaverse plan is very ambitious. But it has immense potential as it allows you to be the maker of your own world.

By mastering AR and VR technologies and familiarizing every potential user, Meta is laying a stepping stone for a collective project.

Virtual Reality

The VR experience by Facebook includes Workrooms that serve as the perfect place for office meetings.

Virtual Reality

In addition, music applications such as a Beat Saber (bought by Meta) allow you to enjoy music with your friends and family.

Meta is focused upon giving power to its users by allowing them to create and share their creations online.

Augmented Reality

By providing a platform called Spark AR, Meta will inspire creativity amongst users and build intrigue about ARs potential in the metaverse.

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