Difficult times call for modern answers via cryptos!

Ukraine at war with Russia impacts the socio and economic life. Being at a smaller scale, the situation of military and sufficing for the needs of the people is devastating.

The crypto community walks together as a whole and is fundraising for Ukraine. They are raising the money for the generic needs and the military strength

The Ukrainians express great spirit and bravery in the fight and express gratitude to all the contributors. 

Accepting cryptocurrency via Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT, they call others to stand by their side. The trends of transferring money to the banks are no more the talk

But, the cryptos instill a new hope. Even if the Ukrainians move out of the nation, they have the option to get back some assets.

Trading above the dollar at $1.10, the demand in Ukraine is still on the rise. With the war conditions between the two nations...

...the localities and the people face physical proximities. The people no more trust the local currencies and banks.

The Ukrainian government officialized cryptocurrency last year and is a hub of technocrats.

Alexander Bornyakov, the Deputy Minister of Digital transformation in Ukraine, played a vital role in the acceptance

He plans to make Ukraine one of the best places for digital currency. Accepting it for the nation was one of the best decisions, and it is now in full bloom.