DC Comics to Sell 200,000 Batman Cowl NFT Digital Collectible

You’ll be able to see the Bat Cowl Collection next month and get your hands on DC’s virtual reality pictures depicting Batman’s 83-year history.

The non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will cost $300 each, meaning DC and Warner Bros. are looking at making approximately $60 million from the drop.

DC fans who own FanDome NFTs will get an exclusive presale access to the Bat Cowl Collection. The release date is April 26th, and get your tickets today!

The next set of NFTs will be released through DC's NFT marketplace. You can find them at nft.dcuniverse.com, with updates on the latest releases and collections, or purchase them right.

The NFT drop has been spurred by the release of Warner Bros.’ "The Batman," which has brought in $330 million at the domestic box office.

The Bat Cowl Collection is being released in a limited edition fashion and Warner Bros. Consumer Products is partnering with Palm NFT Studio to help creators create NFTs for the collection.

DC points out that each NFT in the Bat Cowl Collection has a set of traits designed to represent and resonate with the "diversity" of Batman stories.  

DC has created an interactive timeline, which will help Bat Cowl NFT owners. The roadmap expands usage every 52 days in areas such as AR, metaverse integration and expanded wallet capabilities.

Warner Bros. has also partnered with the Nifty project to sell 100,000 units of tokens for “The Matrix” and timed it with the release of “The Matrix Revivals”