Chef José Andrés is sending a family meal of paella to space

Chef Andrés has just created a menu for Axiom-1 and is getting ready for their arrival that's coming soon. The astronauts will be the first space travelers to go up with a private crew.

The menu leaves no question as to what they'll be having once they get there - a mouthwatering feast from Spanish cuisine, courtesy of Chef Andrés.

On April 3th, SpaceX is going to be launching 4 men in a Crew Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station.  

This will be the first time a Crew Dragon has ever taken astronauts into space, and they're doing it with Axiom Space.

Former astronaut & president of AXIOM, Michael López-Alegría will be joining the first spaceflight as commander, together with three businessmen  who wish to get a view from space.

Earlier this year, Spanish astronaut López-Alegría had the idea to bring some favorite foods from home with him to orbit so he and US & European astronauts could share them.

Andrés asked Charisse Dickens to develop the menu and push the boundaries of food.

Dickens admitted it was challenging to meet the NASA food guidelines, but they were able to use high-pressure cooking methods to create a chicken & mushroom paella recipe for space consumption.

Andrés stated that they chose the dish because it's traditionally eaten as a shared family meal from a large pan.

The menu includes Secreto de Cerdo a la Pisto, Iberico pork in tomatoes, onions, eggplants and peppers; and Spanish Jamón, Salchichón and Almonds.

The mission is projected to last 10 days, ending with a Dragon splashdown off the coast of Florida