Brazilian superstar Neymar Jr. joins BAYC club

The successful Brazilian soccer player, goalscorer for the Brazilian national soccer team, Neymar Jr., is now a member of the elite Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Neymar recently posted a picture of Bored Ape with laser glasses on his Twitter account.

On January 20, Neymar changed his profile picture to an avatar, with the Bored Ape 6633. This is not what he usually uses but apparently he paid 159.99 ETH for this specific one.

The price for this NFT would be around $481.6K USD, taking the current ETH price to be a reference. This represents a 66% increase in price within a month when the same ape was sold for 96 ETH.

But Ape 6633 isn't the only NFT owned by Neymar. He also owns Ape 5269, which he purchased for more than $570K or 189.69 ETH at current prices"

Photos of Neymar’s most valuable ape, with red laser eyes, has been circulating among maximalist bitcoiners. 

The Apes were then transferred from Neymar’s account to another one under the name "EneJayVault" for security reasons.

Neymar also owns other NFTs including Apes, which are expensive pieces of art, as well as items from other NFT projects like ACESnikers fashion collection, flipped BAYC & flipped CryptoPunks.