New Bored Ape NFT Bought By Moonpay, Many Speculate Elon Musk Behind The Purchase

Only recently many came across the picture of Elon Musk and MoonPay co-founders. Right after the picture went viral, MoonPay bought Bored Ape #4976.

And after that, the company bought Bored Ape #1837. Though there is no fixed news about the buys, many are speculating a connection between the cowboy hat of #4976

The Bored Ape #4976 was bought for $24500 or 95 ETH and the Bored Ape #1837 was bought for $1.5 million or 596 ETH.

#1837 is also coveted as one of the rare Bored Ape NFTs out there. It has solid gold fur, a short Mohawk, a wool turtleneck, orange background, and crazy eyes.

It is no news that Elon Musk has shown his liking towards the meme token market but has also openly mentioned the scamming that goes around NFTs on Twitter.

However, many recent activities on Twitter meet up moonpay co-founder and the previous owner of rare bored ape NFT mentioning the sale of it has sparked some speculations.

If Musk has bought these NFTs, then from now on he is also a member of the bored ape yacht club.

Launched in April 2021, bored ape is one of the most popular NFTs that has been the talk of the town.

What is bored ape yacht club?