Axie Infinity Breaks All Records Ever To Be The Biggest NFT Collector

No other NFT Platform has made it to $4 billion sales except Axie Infinity now.

Non-Fungible Token, aka the NFT marketplace, has taken the world by its feet and is growing immensely in this digital era. 

Axie Infinity hasemerged on the surface with a crowning number in its sales. Axie Infinity is an online video game that runs on the NFT module with the help of the latest blockchain technology.

The proof of its success came out from the recorded data by CryptoSlam last Tuesday where it was revealed that Axie Infinity has managed to take its sales to $4 billion.

The more rewarding and happening part is that the $4 billion mark is not just the company’s highest, but the record of any other NFT till today.

Axie Infinity has achieved such a grand feat in just four years. It was introduced in 2018, and it is now breaking records and making it to the top rank now.

Nearly 3 million players from different regions across the globe were seen playing this game in January 2022.  The game gained more acceptance in the last year only.

Axie Infinity has several types of lands that are categorized as per their rarity.  A plot at Genesis lands at Axie Infinity is a rare find because they are only 220 in total.

More stats say that there were 2 million trades that contributed towards the new record of $4.14 billion. The average price is noted to be around $198 for the Axie Infinity session.

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