Apple's Plan for the Metaverse

When it comes to the metaverse, Apple metaverse plans might be going under the radar because they are not as prominent as Facebook or Microsoft's plan.

But if experts are to be believed, then Apple is the perfect bet when it comes to metaverse development.

Just like oculus metaverse headsets, Apple has its very own version. Apple is a potentially standout performer to convert even the most sceptical buyers into long-term users of its products.

One of the most popular Apple analysts, Chi Kuo, has revealed that Apple is likely to launch its Augmented Reality (AR) wearable devices by the end of 2022.

Apple might be coming late to the metaverse party, but it has a much larger consumer base to tap into.

Unlike Meta, which is primarily wooing Instagram users, Apple has a large fanbase at its disposal.

Moreover, Apple is renowned for the efficiency, quality, robustness, and security of its devices. Therefore, it is likely to be the most formidable contender in the metaverse universe.

Apple has lagged behind its competitors in terms of launching its AR and VR devices. It is actually waiting for the perfect opportunity to arrive.

Currently, some tech limitations are preventing AR smart glasses from becoming lightweight products. There are some lightweight glasses such as 'Snap', but they are still very experimental.

Apple might be able to replace its flagship iPhone with a cutting-edge metaverse product in the next decade.

Now, just imagine what the world will be like if all iPhones are replaced with Augmented Reality. These possibilities are what put Apple in a formidable position when it comes to the metaverse.

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