Adidas and Prada together to create open-metaverse NFT for everyone

Adidas and Prada set for an all new collaboration. They've created special virtual reality heels to test out the technology.

Participants are asked to send in anonymous images that are then filtered by Zach Lieberman. Through a random selection process, 3,000 pieces of artwork are sourced over the course of the exhibition.

These are selected to be turned into NFTs that will ultimately be turned into a single large work of art designed by Lieberman himself.

A total of 1,000 spots will be reserved for those who successfully minted the Adidas Originals Into the Metaverse NFT, with a further 500 available for those who attempted but were unable to do so.

Earlier last month the Adidas NFT project was a big success. More than 30,000 digital artworks were sold to more than 21,000 buyers

Those involved in the upcoming collaboration between Adidas and Prada will be able to access the minted version of their photograph as an NFT from January 26 to 27

Collaborating on this project will be free. You will retain full control & ownership of your artwork while also being able to sell your non-fungible token outside of the virtual world.

The final Zach Lieberman NFT piece will be auctioned through the SuperRare marketplace with ALL of the profits to go towards Slow Factory - a non profit organization.

Adidas and Prada have stated in a press release to continue on building this partnership and exploring virtual world with Punks Comic and Bored Ape Yacht Club. 

Meta to introduce option for creating and selling NFTs

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