YouTube Music will soon be a fully audio-only streaming service for free listeners






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You need to be a YouTube Premium or Music Premium member in order to get all the music features.

The YouTube Music app will no longer be able to stream videos for free listeners. This change will only affect those who are using the free version of YouTube, not those with additional access. The change will roll out to Canadian subscribers first but should spread to other countries in the future. As for users who have not subscribed to Premium, they should be getting a background play feature “very soon,”. YouTube Music will not update subscribers to YouTube Premium. They’ll still be able to watch videos on the YouTube Music app.

In a detailed post on its Community forums, YouTube announced that videos on YouTube Music will become exclusively available to YouTube Premium subscribers. This means that free listeners will not be able to watch them until they get to the paid subscription. YouTube Premium users get many extra features for free, including the ability to select the on-demand music they want to listen to and unlimited skips.

YouTube Music will allow you to explore different mood mixes and playlists. Any free subscriber to this service will be able to access these features. YouTube’s “free listeners” who have uploaded songs on the YouTube Music app will also be able to play songs on demand. The company said this in a Community forum post that was highlighted by 9to5Google.

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The upcoming changes to the YouTube Music free tier will include background play, which was announced earlier this month. The new feature is expected to come on November 3rd. YouTube’s newest update is also a Canadian first, with the company only releasing its “global expansion plans” at this point. Canadians are the first to be able to experience it, but more information on this soon.

Apple Music Voice is a new premium plan for YouTube Music that provides music streaming exclusively via voice. The cost amount varies depending on region and starts at Rs. 49 (or $4.99 in the US). Sadly, it doesn’t include some features such as spatial audio and lossless audio for you to enjoy. However, there are music videos that people who subscribe to Apple Music’s Individual and Family Plans can instantly stream.

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